Haines Bear Lodge
Vacation Destination Near Haines, Alaska
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Please Call To Verify Dates Before Paying For Your Reservation.

Lodging Only Reservations

$125 per night 1 or 2 adults in queen bed
Click here to make your reservation.
Be sure to mark how many nights to get your total once you have clicked on the button below.(Taxes will be added to total.) Minimum 2 nights

Additional person per night @ rate of $25 per person per night
Click to add the person
(remember to click to mark how many nights for additional person when making your reservation) Minimum 2 nights.

If you are traveling with a group
Want to reserve the whole lodge
Rate is $500 plus tax per night
For up to 8 people.
Minimum 2 night stay required.
Click on button below to Reserve Your Stay Online .

Please Call to confirm dates, Ask for "Bear Lodge Manager"
Your credit card will be charged at time of making reservation.
Payment Reserves Your Dates

Check available dates on Haines Bear Lodge Calendar
Call today to reserve your stay
907-766-2436 During Season
812-371-5507 All Year


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